Rebecca Sutton (nee Poxon)

(1866 - )


Rebecca was the second child of Job and Mary Ann Poxon.

Her father Job age 26 is the a boiler maker. The family are living in Meeting Street, Wednesbury.

Her mother Mary Ann is aged 27 and four siblings are also listed in the census:

  • Sarah Ann - age 6
  • Rebecca - age 5
  • Richard - age 3
  • William - age 1
29th October 1889

Henry, aged 25, married Rebecca, age 23 in the registry office.

They were both living in Walsall Street, Wednesbury. Number 44 was the address of Job's business for many years.

Henry's father was William Sutton. He was deceased and had been a painter.

Rebecca's father was Job Poxon. He was a breeze dealer.


1891 Census

Rebecca, age 24, is married to Henry, age 27, and they have their first child, a son - Harry. He is 5 months old.

They are living in Princess Street, Bilston and Henry is working as a butcher's assistant.


The Sutton family were settled in their premises above the shop at 48, High Street, Bilston. The shop was a pork butchers shop.


Rebecca was 35 and her husband Henry was aged 37.

They had five sons:

They also had a girl living with them as a domestic servant: Mary Edith Oldfield, age 22, from Wolverhampton.


2nd April 1911

This entry sees Rebecca Louisa Rose Wood living with her maternal Aunt Rebecca's family at the shop in 48, High Street, Bilston in the role of 'servant'. Rebecca (called Louisa) was the daughter of Rebecca's sister Elizabeth.

Her Aunt Rebecca was married to Henry Sutton. Rebecca is listed as a 'servant' in the census but that simply means she was employed by the family. She probably did domestic chores and worked in the shop. She is named as Lousea... a spelling error for Louisa, the name she went by rather than her first given name.

Henry Sutton was a master butcher and had been incharge of the shop in the high street for over ten years at the time of the census, but Violet Gough (another neice of the Suttons), who is also listed in this census entry is a 'fruitier', so the Suttons may well have had a grocery outlet as well as a meat one!

The Suttons had five sons living at home with them: Harry (1890 – 1946), William Job (1892 – 1973), Wilfred (1894 – 1953), Sidney James (1897 – 1970) and Llewellyn (1899 – 1940).

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