Wilfrid Sutton

(1894 - 1953)

12th November 1894 Birth Registration - Wolverhampton - 1984 (Oct, Nov, Dec) - 6b 680

The Sutton family were settled in their premises above the shop at 48, High Street, Bilston. The shop was a pork butchers shop.

His father (also called) Henry was aged 37 and his mother Rebecca was 35

There were five sons in the family - no daughters:

They also had a girl living with them as a domestic servant: Mary Edith Oldfield, age 22, from Wolverhampton.

2nd April 1911

His father Henry was aged 47 and his mother Rebecca was 45

There were five sons in the family:

  • Harry age 20
  • William Job age 18
  • Wilfrid age 16
  • Sydney age 13
  • Llewellyn age 11

This entry also has Rebecca Louisa Rose Wood living with her maternal Aunt Rebecca's family at the shop in 48, High Street, Bilston in the role of 'servant'. Rebecca (called Louisa) was the daughter of Rebecca's sister Elizabeth.

22nd June 1919 Discharged from the army

Regiment: Wilfrid was in the RH & RFA

The Royal Horse Artillery was armed with light, mobile, horse-drawn guns that in theory provided firepower in support of the cavalry and in practice supplemented the Royal Field Artillery.

The Royal Field Artillery was the most numerous arm of the artillery, the horse-drawn RFA was responsible for the medium calibre guns and howitzers deployed close to the front line and was reasonably mobile. It was organised into brigades.

Army Form Z.22

On discharge from military, everyone was given a medical examination and, if wounded (or damaged in some way) prior to discharge they were entitled to claim a disability pension. In the case of the Army an 'AF Z.22' form was given to the soldiers upon discharge to prove that the injury was suffered during their service. Wifrid fell into this category and was transferred to the Z class army reserve (probably as a means by which a payment would be made to him from the army even though he was no longer active).


Wilfrid married Marion Laura Hailey.

Marion was born on 18/12/1902 in Bilston. She died in December 1993.




Age 59

Death registration - name as Wilfred not Wilfrid - Wolverhampton 1953 (October, November, December) 9b 795
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