Job Poxon

(1845 - 1920)

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There are two men with the name 'Job Poxon' living in Wednesbury. One was born in 1837 and one in 1844. Initially I had to collect information on both of them, until I could be sure of the one I wanted. From the address of Walsall Road on the marriage certificate of Elizabeth Poxon I now know that the Job I am looking for is the one born in 1844. The one born in 1837 is probably a relative, perhaps a cousin... but I would need to do a lot more research to find out if that was the case. His background is in farming and mining... two occupations that 'my' Job took an interest in!

1845 Birth  

Job's father, William, is a carter. That explains Job's love of horses - it goes back to his childhood. His age is 36 years.

His father comes from Bilston, Staffordshire but his mother, Rebecca, age 27, is from 'Dunington, Shropshire'. This is another spelling of Donington.

Four children are listed on this census:

  • Betsy - age 11
  • Jobo - age 6 (a 'pet name' for Job?)
  • Rebecca - age 5
  • Thomas - age 5

Richard (age 10) should be on this list - he must have been staying with a relative on the night of the census.

They are living in Meeting Street Wednesbury - near the centre of the town. This whole area has been redeveloped, therefore we cannot see the kind of housing that existed in those days.


Job's father, William is age 46 and working as a carter.

His mother Rececca is 39.

They are living in Darlaston Road - the number 164 may refer to the number, but was just used as a dwelling reference in those days, so exactly where they lived along that long stretch of road I cannot be sure.

Eight children are living with the family:

  • Richard - age 20 - working as a miner
  • Job - age 16 - working as a miner (in later documentation we find his full name was Francis Job)
  • Rebecca - age 15
  • Thomas - age 14 - working as a miner
  • Sarah J - age 8
  • William - age 6
  • Elizabeth - age 5
  • Samuel I - age 1

Betsy is not listed, but she would now be 21 and therefore may well be married.

1863 Marriage to Mary Anne Bradbury 6b 837

Job is now living back in Meeting Street, Wednesbury, but is now the householder.

He is listed as age 26 and a boiler maker. He would therefore have some engineering background to do this job.

Mary Ann is 27 and they have four children listed:

1872 Birth of daughter Elizabeth Birth registration not found
Not Found
29th October 1889 Daughter, Rebecca married Henry Sutton

Henry Sutton, aged 25, married Rebecca Sutton, age 23 in the registry office.

They were both living in Walsall Street, Wednesbury. Number 44 was the address of Job's business for many years.

Henry's father was William Sutton. He was deceased and had been a painter.

Rebecca's father, Job Poxon is listed as a breeze dealer.


Job's family is now living at 39, Walsall Road.

Job - age 48 (he would be 46) was married to Mary Ann - age 48. The children listed were:

  • Richard - age 23 was a farm labourer for his father.
  • William - age 20 was a farm labourer for his father.
  • Job - age 19 was a farm labourer for his father. (Later revealed as Francis Job)
  • Joseph - age 16 was a farm labourer for his father.
  • Jane - age 15
  • Samuel - age 8
  • Mary Ann - age 6

They also had a farm labourer, Frank Webster, age 17, living with them.

Elizabeth Poxon married Ed Wood.
1895 Death of first wife Job's first wife died following an accident in her pony trap, and he got married again six weeks later to the widow of a local butcher. Therefore Mary Ann must have died in the November of 1895.
1st January 1896
Widowed, and aged 50, Job married Eliza Compsty (nee Perry), a butcher's widow. She was slightly older than him at age 51, and he would have probably known her for a long time. They married in Blackpool, and the address they both gave was the address in 140 Albert Road. This could well have been a property that Job already owned.

Job, age 57 (he would be 56), is now living in Blackpool with his new wife, Eliza, age 58. He is living at 114 Railles Road with his daughter and son-in-law. This address is no longer on the map - therefore the are must have been redeveloped..

Ellis Walstenholme, his son-in-law was aged 40. He was a photographer's assistant and born in Middleton. He was married to Hannah Eliza aged 34 - Job's daughter and their two children Eliis (age 10) and Hellie (age 8) were both born in Blackpool, so she had been living there for at least ten years.


Job, age 67 (he would now be 66), is now living, in the house that was mentioned at the time of his marriage, in Blackpool with his second wife Eliza, age 68. They have been married for fifteen years (although they put fourteen on the census) and, having married late in life, they have had no children.

The house is 140 Albert Road, Blackpool. It is a large house for two people, having five rooms - it would be a three bedroom terrace with two reception rooms - the type sometimes used for bed and breakfast accomodation in the town.

I would imagine that Job had many visits from members of his large family - Blackpool was a very fashionable place to visit at the turn of the last century.

Eliza puts her place of birth as 'Lea Brook' - this is a region of Tipton.

Job's place of birth is listed as Wednesbury.

24th September 1912 Application for patent on umberella for tricycle

This patent application was made from the address of 140 Albert Road, Blackpool in the names of Job and his sons: Richard, Joseph and Francis Job. All were classified as engineers.

2nd April 1919 Death of second wife - Eliza Job would now be 74 - his wife Eliza had left a will and her estate valued at £765 15s was left to her daughter Hannah Eliza Walstenholme.
1920 Death His death was registered in West Bromwich - so he might well have returned to Wednesbury after his wife died.
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