Searching for my roots...

This is a new section to my site. I started it in February 2013.

Now in my latter years. I have begun an investigation into my roots. My mother's mother died due to a childbirth complication, and she was adopted by her biological father's sister, Elizabeth Hewitt (nee Howell). We therefore knew very little of her extended biological family.

These web pages record my findings. The project is ongoing therefore pages will change and be addded to as I find out more...

I have used used the site to find out the links. I can recommend the site. It is easy to use and within a few weeks I had put together a family tree that stretched back to the early 1700s.

I have included a page that gives links to sites that provide details from records for free. I hope you will find this useful.

Use the link in the right hand column to go to her tree and see how much I have discovered, or take a look at the tips on how to search I have accumulated.


The opinions and ideas on here are my own, but no man is a island - no woman either - therefore I have referred to work by others. No copyright infringement is intended in any of the material I have uploaded onto my site. Please contact me if I have failed to acknowledge any of your work and I will rectify the situation or remove the offending material..