Edmund (or Edwin or Edward) Wood 1864 Berkeley, Gloucestershire


First quarter 1864

Name: Edmund Wood
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1864
Registration district: Thornbury
Inferred County: Gloucestershire
Volume: 6a
Page: 200

I had some trouble finding Edwin's birth record. In the end I searched under his parents names and found a child who was not listed in any Census and also did not have a death associated with him. He happened to be born in the same year as Edwin would have been born but he was named Edmund.

I therefore concluded that Edmund (legal and baptismal name) became known as Edwin by the family and himself in later years, though why this happened I haven't a clue!

04 May 1864
Name: Edmund Wood
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 04 May 1864
Father's Name: Sydney Wood
Mother's Name: Elizabeth

Okay... the name here is Edmund not Edwin, but the dates and parents fit!


(age 7)

Edmund gets called Edward in this!

3rd April 1881

At the age of 16 Edmund is called Edwin and is a plasterer and living with his family in a property in Hickes's Row, Berkeley.

In 1910 these properties are listed as cottages with gardens, approximate size of 400/500 square yards. From the Census I can see that the person taking the Census went from Maryleport Street into Hicks's Row and then emerged into Cannonbury street. I therefore have an idea of where the cottage would have been positioned in the town.

Maryleport Street has been renamed as Marybrook Street, but Cannonbury Street is still under the same name today.

His father is Sidney Wood, a chimney sweep (age 47),

his mother is Elizabeth Wood (age 39).

His siblings:

  • Oswald Wood (age 19 - working as a labourer),
  • Albert Wood (age 15),
  • Caroline Wood (age 13),
  • Elizabeth Wood (age 9),
  • George Wood (age 7),
  • Sidney Wood (age 6),
  • Alfred Wood (age 5),
  • Charles Wood (age 4),
  • John Wood (age 2),
  • Jane Wood (age 1) and
  • Rosa Wood (age 4 months).

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Edwin was lodging at 1 Brunswick Park Road, Wednesbury. He had obtained employment at the local Tube Works as a furnace man. It is not far from where Elizabeth Poxon was working. He would have had to walk towards the place she lived on his way to work.

  • David Muckley 47
  • Mary Muckley 71
  • Stephen Muckley 14
  • Moses Muckley 11
  • Albert Muckley 10
  • Jemima Muckley 7
  • Sarah Amos 13 (General domestic servant)
  • Edwin Wood 26 (lodger)
1892 Marriage

Now this is also a problem...

On Louisa's birth certificate her father is given as Edwin Wood and her mother Elizabeth Poxon, BUT there is no marriage between them recorded in the records... only a marriage between Edward Wood and Elizabeth Poxon at about the time I would have expected them to marry.

Name: Edward Wood
Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1892
Registration district: West Bromwich
Inferred County: Staffordshire
Volume Number: 6b
Page Number: 1222
Records on Page:
Edward Abbott
Elizabeth Poxon
Ada Whatmore
Edward Wood

So, added to the fact that there is no birth record for an Edwin, but only one for an Edmund, and that his parents entered him as Edward in the 1871 Census, it appears that Louisa's father was Ed Wood (plain and simple).

1901 Census

This lists the family living at 10, Russell Street, Wednesbury.

Edwin Wood 39 is the householder

Elizabeth Wood 29 is his wife

Beatrix Wood is aged 7

Polly Wood is aged 4

Louisa Wood is aged 3

Edwin Wood is aged 1

Ethel Wood is aged 6 Weeks

Elizabeth Wood aged 62 is Edwin's widowed mother - born in Slaughter in 1839

George Wood aged 28 is Edwin's brother

John Wood aged 23 is Edwin's brother

1911 Census

This census confirms that Edwin and Elizabeth have been married for 18 years. They have had ten children of which only six are still alive. Rebecca Louisa Rose is one of these, and four are still living at home. Ethel should be ten now, but is listed as age 2. I suspect the first Ethel died and they named another daughter after her - the two year old.

Mary Ann - age 15 - is most probably the 'Polly' from the last census.

Edwin - age 11

Edith - age 9

Ethel - age 2 - named after he sister that died.

Beatrix also must have left home - she would be the logical choice for the missing 'living' child. The age gap between Edith and Ethel probably accounted for the children that had died.

Edwin's age is given as 49 and Elizabeth's as 38. He is working as a cowman on the farm called Old Hall Farm, Willenhall Road, Bilston. On Louisa's marriage certificate he is named as a 'farmer', so that ties in nicely.

1939 Census Living with his wife Elizabeth and one other person.
June 1945 Death 6b 866 Rowley Regis
6 Dec 1949
Name: Edwin A Wood
Birth Date: abt 1866
Date of Registration: Dec 1949
Age at Death: 83
Registration district: Wednesbury
Inferred County: Staffordshire
Volume: 9b
Page: 724

Whether this is really the Edwin I am looking for I am unsure. This is Edwin Arthur.


England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966 for Edwin Arthur Wood

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