Elizabeth Wood née Hopkins

22/01/1842 Birth
Name: Elizabeth Hopkins
Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1842
Registration district: Stow on the Wold
Inferred County: Gloucestershire
Volume: 11
Page: 406

Elizabeth was born in Upper Slaughter, Gloucestershire. Her father, Charles George Hopkins was a farm labourer and her mother's name was Mary Ann Hopkins (nee Lenchbury). Her mother could not read or write as when she registered the birth she marked with a cross.

Birth Certificate

30th March 1851 Census

At the age of nine we find her staying with her four year old sister Naomi in her uncle's house in Berkeley.

Their father, Charles George Hopkins, is recorded on the Census as being at 17 Canonbury Street and their mother, Mary Ann, is staying at their 75 year old grandmother Naomi's house at 17 Canonbury Street.

Her grandmother was widowed some 15 years earlier and on the census 10 years earlier had been classified as a nurse.

Naomi on this census is classified as a pauper. Her son Charles (a farm labourer) was supposedly residing at the inn next door and her daughter-in-law is listed as a 'visitor' on the census. It may well be that the family were living with his mother, but not wanting to affect her 'pauper' status (making her lose the charitable income she was getting) they put two children with the uncle and he stayed 'at the inn'!

The two grandchildren staying at 17 Canonbury Street were Maria (Age 6) and Mary Ann (age 1).

The Uncle's address is 64 Salter Street. It is very near to the house where she will live when she becomes Mrs. Wood.

Her uncle's name is John (aged 51). He is an agricultural labourer and was born in Shirehampton, Gloucestershire, England. Her aunt is called Mary, she was born in Pucklechurch. They have a 14 year old daughter called Mary Ann, who was born in Berkeley, living with them. Their son John (born in 1832) had already left home at this time.



Age 18

Bith of son out of wedlock
Name: William Hopkins
Gender: Male
Baptism Date: 25 Jan 1860
Baptism Place: Berkeley,Gloucester,England
Mother: Elizabeth Hopkins 


Age 19


At the age of 19 we find Elizabeth living with her whole family in Powell Court, Berkeley. We find father - Charles Hopkins (age 52), mother - Mary A Hopkins (age 45) and siblings Maria Hopkins (age 17), Naomi Hopkins (age 14 - Born in Stow on the Wold), Mary Ann Hopkins (age 12), Louisa Hopkins (age 8), Eliza Hopkins (age 4) and William Hopkins (age 1 - listed as 'son' but was in fact the son of Elizabeth).

Grandmother Naomi died aged 81 in 1855.

27 April 1863

Age: 21


Marriage to Sidney Wood

St Mary C of E, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England.

Name: Elizabeth Hopkins
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1863
Registration district: Thornbury
Inferred County: Gloucestershire
Volume Number: 6a
Page Number: 322

26 Jul 1863 Christening
father: Sidney Wood
mother: Elizabeth
Name Oswald Wood
Gender Male
Christening Date 26 Jul 1863


Age 29


This lists Elizabeth as being two years older than she really is: Elizabeth Wood 31

Sidney Wood 45

William Hopkins 12

Oswald Wood 8

Edward Wood 7

Albert Wood 6

Caroline Wood 3

Jane Wood 2

George Wood 1


age 39


This Census has some members of the family taking years off their ages!

In ten years Sidney has only aged two years!

Sidney Wood 47

Elizabeth Wood 40

Oswald Wood 19

Edwin Wood 16

Albert Wood 15

Caroline Wood 13

Elizabeth Wood 9

George Wood 7

Sidney Wood 6

Alfred Wood 5

Charles Wood 4

John Wood 2

Jane Wood 1

Rosa Wood 0 [4m]


age 59


This lists Elizabeth Wood as aged 62 (again two years added to her age). She is now listed as Edwin's widowed mother - born in Slaughter - and living in her son's family at 10, Russell Street, Wednesbury. She has two other sons living with her at that address as well.

Edwin Wood (her son) 39 is the householder

Elizabeth Wood (her daughter-in-law) 29 is his wife

Beatrix Wood (her grandchild) is aged 7

Polly Wood (her grandchild) is aged 4

Louisa Wood (her grandchild) is aged 3

Edwin Wood (her grandchild) is aged 1

Ethel Wood (her grandchild) is aged 6 Weeks


George Wood aged 28 is Edwin's brother

John Wood aged 23 is Edwin's brother

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