George Wood

(1871 - )

1870 Birth Must be in this year as is listed on the Census for 1871


(age 1)


At the age of one we find George mentioned in the Census. He is living (and was propably born in Hicke's Row, Berkeley.


9 Jul 1871

(age 1)

Name: George Wood
Gender: Male
Baptism Date: 9 Jul 1871
Baptism Place: Berkeley,Gloucester,England
Father: Sydney Wood 
Mother: Elizabeth 
FHL Film Number: 855613


(age 11)


This Census has some members of the family taking years off their ages!

In ten years Sidney has only aged two years! And George is listed as only seven years old.

Sidney Wood 47

Elizabeth Wood 40

Oswald Wood 19

Edwin Wood 16

Albert Wood 15

Caroline Wood 13

Elizabeth Wood 9

George Wood 7

Sidney Wood 6

Alfred Wood 5

Charles Wood 4

John Wood 2

Jane Wood 1

Rosa Wood 0 [4m]


(age 21)


In the Census George is listed as age 17. The family are living in Hickes' Row

Sidney Wood 68 - his father is now retired

Elizabeth Wood 52

George Wood 17

Sidney Wood 16

Alfred Wood 15

Charlie Wood 14

John Wood 13

Elizabeth Jane Wood 12

Rosa Wood 11


Age 30


This lists George as 28 and lodging with his brother's family at 10, Russell Street, Wednesbury.

Edwin Wood, George's brother, age 39 is the householder

Elizabeth Wood 29 is Edwin's wife

Their children:

  • Beatrix Wood is aged 7
  • Polly Wood is aged 4
  • Louisa Wood is aged 3
  • Edwin Wood is aged 1
  • Ethel Wood is aged 6 Weeks

Elizabeth Wood aged 62 is George's widowed mother - born in Slaughter in 1839

John Wood aged 23 is George's brother

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