George William Gough

(1872 - 1929)

1st November 1872 Birth

George was born to Mary Gough - no father was named, so she must have been unmarried at the time.

The place of birth is 7, Court, Oxford Street, Wolverhampton.

1911 Census George is working for Edge Tools Wolverhampton. He is a polisher.
7th May 1929 Death

George died of Paralysis Agitans, known more commonly as Parkinson's disease. The certificate was obtained by Mrs. Doris Clark, George's daughter, who was living in the family home at 2, St. James Street Wolverhampton.

His occupation at the time of death is given as a labourer at Edge Tools.

The place of death was given as 376 Wolverhampton Rod, Heath Town, Wolverhampton. This was the address of the new Wolverhampton Workhouse. At the time it was serving as a hospital for anyone with a degenerative disease who couldn't be cared for at home. The following year - 1930 - it became known as New Cross Hospital.

Parkinsons is not considered a genetic disorder. Chemicals associated with farming, such as pesticides have been linked to it and so has the use of a solvent that George would have probably worked with - see here.

Only one cause of death is put on the death certificate, but there must have been several on the original form as that cause is listed as 1(a).

George would have probably died from a complication associated with being unable to move around by himself due to Parkinson's and being confined to bed. To make matters worse he would suffer involuntary movements. Bed sores would develop quickly for such patients and infection of those is probably what would have killed him.

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