Jane Walton (nee Childs)

1833 - 1927

1833 Birth  
2nd June 1834 Baptism St Peter's Church Wolverhampton
6th June 1841 Census

This shows the family living in Canal Street, Wolverhampton.

Her father John, aged 33, is a locksmith. He was born in Tettenhall, a villiage near Wolverhampton.

Mary Ann, his wife, is aged 33. She was born in Bridgnorth, Salop. A town that is about 15 miles from Wolverhampton.

Jane is age 8 and her brother John is age 11 months old

30th March 1851 Census

This shows the family living in Falkland Street, Wolverhampton.

Jane's father John, age 42, is a locksmith.

Her mother Mary Ann is age 43.

Jane would have been 18 but she is not mentioned - instead someone called Esther (?) is listed at age 18 - as a general servant. It is possible that Esther was simply listed as a daughter even though she was no relation - just the census taker making a mistake.

A sister, Selina, is listed as being aged 4 and a young brother Robert as aged 2.

Two lodgers - Samuel Russell age 44 (a taylor - sewing man) and Alfred Massey age 28 (a bricklayer) were also living in the house.


13th October 1850 Marriage to John Walton

St. Mary's Church, Wolverhampton

Registration: Wolverhampton XVII 461

1851 Census

Jane is living with her in-laws at 20 Canal Street, where she lived as a child.

  • Her father-in-law John Walton is age 49. He is working as a key maker.
  • Her mother-in-law Frances is 45
  • Her grandmother-in-law Frances is a widow and 76 years old.
  • Her sister-in-law, Mary is a dressmaker - she is 25 years old.
  • Her husband John Walton is 23 and working as a key maker, like his father.
1861 Census

The family are living at 56, Canal Street, Wolverhampton.

Next door at number 55, Jane's widowed mother, Mary Ann Childs (age 52) is living with her brother, John (age 22) who is a locksmith.

Jane's husband, John Walton, was aged 33 and a key maker.

Jane, was 27.

There are four children at home:

  • Mary Ann, age 8
  • James, age 6
  • Fanney, age 4
  • John, age 1
1871 Census

The family are living in Coach Fryer Street.

Jane's husband, John Walton, was aged 46 and a key maker.

Jane, was 36.

There are seven children at home:

  • James, age 16, was a locksmith
  • Fanny, age 14
  • John, age 11, was a keymaker
  • Jane, age 9
  • Joseph, age 6, was a locksmith.
  • Caroline, age 3
  • Thomas, age 9 months

Mary Ann would now be 18, it is very possible that she has married and left home.

1881 Census

The family were living in 107, North Street, Wolverhampton.

Her husband, John Walton, was aged 53 and a key maker.

Jane, was 46.

The seven children::

  • John, age 21, was a keymaker.
  • Joseph, age 16, was a locksmith.
  • Caroline, age 13
  • Thomas, age 10
  • Sarah, age 8
  • Eleanor, age 6
  • Eliza, age 4
1891 Census

The family were living in 108, North Street, Wolverhampton

Her husband John Walton was aged 63 and a key/lock maker.

Jane, was 56.

There are two children still at home:

  • Selina (previously called Eleanor), age 16
  • Eliza, age 14 who is working as an errand girl at the 'Japan Works'

Japanning was an important industry in Wolverhampton. The area was famed for it. See here.

1901 Census Jane, aged 66 is still living in 108, North Street. She is now a widow and the only other person who was living in the house is 88 year old who was a widower and lodging with her.
1911 Census

Jane, now aged 76 is now a widow and living with a boarder called Mayann Matthews - also a widow aged 75.

The address is 21, Deanary Row Wolverhampton.

1927 Death She died at the age of 94
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