UK Census Data

Regular national censuses have taken place in the United Kingdom nearly every ten years since 1801. The first four censuses (1801–1831) were mainly statistical - mainly headcounts, with virtually no personal information, therefore they are of little value to those interested in tracing their ancestors. The 1841 Census was the first to intentionally record names, ages and occupations of all individuals in a household or institution on a particular night.

Because of the disruption caused by the Second World War, there was no census in 1941. However, following the passage into law on 5 September 1939 of the National Registration Act 1939, a population count was carried out on 29 September 1939. The resulting National Register was later used to develop the NHS Central Register. Censuses were taken on in Great Britain, but the returns for England and Wales were destroyed in an accidental fire during the Second World War.

The 100 Year Rule means that Census data is not released to the public for 100 years after the date it was collected.

Available via Ancestry Sites
the night of 6th June 1841
1851 the night of 30th March 1851
1861 the night of 7th April 1861
1871 the night of 2nd April 1871
1881 the night of 3rd April 188
1891 the night of 5th April 1891
1901 the night of 31st March 1901
1911 the night of 2nd April 1911
Yet to be released
the night of 19th June 1921
1931 26 April 1931 data was destroyed by fire during WW2

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By the National Registration Act 1939, a population count was carried out on 29 September 1939
Yet to be released
not taken because of the country being at war
1951 the night of 8th April 1951
1961 the night of 23rd April 1961
1971 the night of 25th April 1971
1981 the night of 5th April 1981
1991 the night of 21st April 1991
2001 the night of 29th April 2001
2011 the night of 27th March 2011
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