Sarah Pearson (nee Walton)

(1872 - 1943)

1872 Birth  
1881 Census

The family were living in 107, North Street, Wolverhampton.

Sarah's father, John Walton, was aged 53 and a key maker.

His wife, Jane, was 46.

The seven children::

  • John, age 21, was a keymaker.
  • Joseph, age 16, was a locksmith
  • Caroline, age 13
  • Thomas, age 10
  • Sarah, age 8
  • Eleanor, age 6
  • Eliza, age 4


1892 Marriage Marriage to Richard Pearson
1901 Census

The family live in St. Peter's Square.

Her husband, Richard Pearson, was aged 31. He was working as a labourer

Sarah Pearson was aged 29. She is listed as working at home - this does not mean doing housework but some form of paid work.

They had five children living with them:

  • Florence Elizabeth - age 8
  • William Henry - age 6
  • Frederick - age 4
  • Sidney - age 2
  • Ada - age 7 months
23rd September 1903 Birth of a son

Edgar Richard was born at 43, John Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. This address is rather surprising as it is about three miles away from where they lived before. This address is in Ettingshall.

Mother was Sarah Pearson (nee Walton)

Father was Richard Pearson - Varnish Works Labourer

1911 Census

The family live at 139 North Street, Wolverhampton - where Sarah had lived as a girl.

Her husband, Richard Pearson, was aged 41. He was working as a labourer at the Varnish Works. Mander Brothers was a major employer in the city of Wolverhampton, in the English Midlands, a progressive company founded in 1773. In the 19th century the firm became the number one manufacturer of varnishes, paints and later printing inks in the British Empire. In the twentieth century it developed its product range in industrial coatings and inks, as well as commercial property.

Sarah Pearson was aged 39.

They had eight children living with them:

  • Florence Elizabeth - age 18 - working as a bottle painter at Manders Varnish Works
  • William Henry - age 16 - working as an errand boy
  • Frederick - age 14 - working as an errand boy
  • Sidney - age 12
  • Ada - age 10
  • Edwin Richard - age 7
  • Bertha - age 6
  • Earnest George - age 2
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