John Walton

(1802 - ????)

1802 Birth  
23 Aug 1802 Baptism At Saint Peter's Collegiate Church ,Wolverhampton,Staffordshire,England
28 Jun 1825 Marriage The marriage was at Saint Peter's Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton,Staffordshire,England Spouse: Frances Hadley
1841 Census

John Walton was aged 38. He is a keysmith.

His wife Frances is 35

Their daughter Mary was 16 and their son John was 13

Robert Hadley age 65 was a locksmith. I assume he is Frances' father.

1851 Census

John Walton is age 49. He is working as a key maker.

  • His son John is 23 and working as a key maker, like his father. He and his wife are living with his family at 20 Canal Street, where Jane lived as a child.
  • His wife Frances is 45
  • His mother-in-law Frances is a widow and 76 years old.
  • His daughter, Mary, is a dressmaker - she is 25 years old.
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