Edwin Richard Pearson

(1903 - 1963)

23rd September 1903 Birth of a son

Edgar Richard was born at 43, John Street, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. This address is rather surprising as it is about three miles away from where the family lived before in the centre of Wolverhampton. This address is in Ettingshall.

Mother was Sarah Pearson (nee Walton)

Father was Richard Pearson - Varnish Works Labourer

6th August 1928 Marriage

Edwin Richard Pearson (age 24) married Florence Clara Gough (age 23) . Both were living at 2, St. James' Street, Wolverhampton.

Edwin was a labourer. His father Richard - also a labourer - was deceased at the time of the wedding.

Florence's father, George William Gough, was also a labourer.

The marriage took place at St James' Church Wolverhampton.

The witnesses were Florence's sisters, Mary and Ethel, Arthur Allport and George Newell.

3rd December 1928 Birth of a daughter Sylvia Jean Pearson was born at 103, Dudley Road, Wolverhampton.
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