John Pearson

(1827 - 1909)

There is a John Pearson who was born in Aston. He married a Maria Taylor - but she was a spinster when they married. The ages do not quite coincide.

1827 Birth  
1871 Census

The family are living at 5, St. Georges Parade, Wolverhampton.

John Pearson is age 46. He is running his own business. He is listed as an employer of 'two men and two boys' working as a machine chain maker. All of these employees are within the family unit.

His wife, Maria, is age 39.

John had recently married again after his first wife died. His new wife already had children, so their new baby, Richard, was born into a large family of half-brothers and sisters.

Children born of the previous marriages of the couple:

  • Henry Pearson - age 18 - chain making with his father.
  • James Pearson - age 16 - chain making with his father.
  • Catherine Pearson - age 10
  • Mary Pearson - age 7
  • John Pearson - age 6
  • John Taylor - age 10 (errand boy)
  • Lucy Taylor - age 5

Child of the couple:


1881 Census

The family are living at 2, Canal Street, Wolverhampton.

John, age 55, is now listed as a tool broker. The crossed out tool workshop listed on the census may indicate that he had only just stopped making chains and tools. His eldest sons, and step son who were working with him ten years earlier had left home - so dealing in tools rather than making chains (and tools?) would have been a better option now he was in his 50s.

On the census is listed:

  • His wife, Maria - age 48
  • Mary Ann, his daughter - age 18
  • Sarah, his daughter - age 14 (could be the stepdaughter Lucy of the previous census, now adopted to be a Pearson?)
  • Richard, his son by Maria - age 12
  • Alfred, his son by Maria - age 10
1891 Census

John, age 56, and Maria, age 64 (the ages given have been entered back to front), are living at 14, Westbury Street, Wolverhampton (see map above). This is not far from their previous adress.

Their son, Arthur (age 18) is the only child still living with them.

John is a coal merchant and Arthur is working as a coal carter.


1901 Census

John, age 75, and Maria, age 70, are providing a home for the family of their son, Arthur. The address is still 14, Westbury Street, Wolverhampton.

John is now given as 'retired' on the census and Maria's name is incorrectly spelt as Marie and the place of her birth is given as Compton, Wolverhampton.

Alfred, age 29, is a plasterer. He is married to Alice, age 25, who was born in Essington.

They have three children living at home:

  • Winifred - age 5
  • Arthur - age 4
  • Charles - age 2
1911   By 1911 John has died
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