Florence Clara Pearson (nee Gough)

(1905 - 1988)

2nd February 1905 Birth  
6th August 1928 Marriage

Florence Clara Gough (age 23) married Edwin Richard Pearson (age 24) . Both were living at 2, St. James' Street, Wolverhampton.

Edwin was a labourer. His father Richard - also a labourer - was deceased at the time of the wedding.

Florence's father, George William Gough, was also a labourer.

The marriage took place at St James' Church Wolverhampton.

The witnesses were Florences sisters, Mary and Ethel and Arthur All port and George Newell.

3rd December 1928 Birth of a daughter Sylvia Jean Pearson was born at 103, Dudley Road, Wolverhampton.
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