This site will take me a while to set it up so please be patient!

My hobbies include Tai Chi. I had only been doing it a couple of months when I was privilidged to take part in the 2012 Fesival in April 2012. Since then I have regularly practiced it and found it to be beneficial to my health and wellbeing. My Master is Nicola G. Day. I am her webmistress - do check out her site: Holisticday.co.uk.

Feel free to look at my Tai Chi section if you like - but that is under construction! So please be patient.

October 8th 2012: Just started the religion section of my site.... take a look!

The latest section is dedicated to searching for my ancestors. The starting point for this is my 87 year old mother - who died in 2018.

I have also included a section in which I will put links to useful free search engines.

This section will take a while to organise but feel free to look through what I have done so far...



The opinions and ideas on here are my own, but no man is a island - no woman either - therefore I have referred to work by others. No copyright infringement is intended in any of the material I have uploaded onto my site. Please contact me if I have failed to acknowledge any of your work and I will rectify the situation or remove the offending material..