The benefits of practicing Tai Chi

Tai Chi aims to foster a calm and tranquil mind. It achives this by getting the practicioner to focus on the precise execution of the Tai Chi form.

Learning to do the movements correctly provides a practical avenue for learning about such things as balance, alignment, fine-scale motor control, rhythm of movement, as well as calming nerves and lowering blood pressure..

Tai Chi can become a part of life to you, contributing to general improvement in how you stand, walk, move, run, etc. in all spheres of life. This is very important for the middle aged and elderly as poor posture often leads to disability if not corrected.




Don't start any exercise or fitness program without carefully assessing your state of health and level of physical conditioning, and consulting with your personal physician when and where appropriate.
Every exercise program carries some type of risk.  On the other hand, not doing any exercise or fitness activities carries a far greater risk for your loosing your good physical and mental health, well being, vitality and happiness. 
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