The State of Sung

'Sung' (pronounced soong) denotes relaxation, alertness, looseness, openness, sensitivity, awareness, calmness, and a tranquil mind.

To perform a form in a 'Sung' way you need to remain grounded and centered. You need to relax, breathe naturally and fully, move slowly, sink into the earth, become like freely moving water, be soft, be gentle.

You need to detatch yourself from your ordinary mind of free associations, worries, and concerns - to do that you must 'observe them', distance yourself from them and then release them. Become detatched from yourself and attached to the Earth and Sky.

Freeing your mind from mundane concerns cultivates calmness, inner peace, and removes the need to 'think'. Allow yourself to become fully aware of your body during the movements. Be present in the here and now.

Be fully aware of your surroundings through all of your senses. Listen to your body. Relax and enjoy yourself. Cultivate a detached, open, and tranquil consciousness. Unburden your body-mind of anxieties and tensions and fully relax.

When 'Sung' the body moves effortlessly without pause the Chi moves freely. At all times the mind, Chi and the earth must be connected with every movement created by the body. One's Chi must be focused into the Dan Tien and from there sunk into the ground. This state of Sung denotes one's connection to nature, and the coming alive within the spirit.

Sung is the most important part in Tai Chi practice. Without it, one's Tai Chi is nothing, merely becoming another physical movement like all movements people do in their daily routines. It is said to be formidable to be Sung in Tai Chi, but it is not easy even for Tai Chi experts, as it is easy to introduce tension and use muscle strength when performing the Tai Chi forms.

When one is in a state of Sung mentally and physically there is much more Chi, and the body becomes more supple, elastic and resilient. In Sung one easily sinks downward and all of the joints open up in the Tai Chi posture. One is at ease and alert, calm and focused, and can move loosely in the Tai Chi forms and with much energy. The centre gravity is lower, resulting in greater physical and mental stability and balance.



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