What is Chi?

"Ch'i" or "Qi" or just plain Chi is the Chinese word for breath, energy, vital force, air, or life power; and, there are different types of Ch'i. The Sanskrit word 'Prana' and the Japanese word 'Ki' are very similar in meaning to 'Qi.'

In Chinese philosophy and medicine there exists the concept of 'chi', as a vital force that animates the body.

One of the aims of Tai Chi is assist the circulation of this 'chi' within the body, the belief being that by doing so the health and vitality of the person are enhanced.

This 'chi' is believed to circulate in patterns that are closely related to the nervous and vascular system. The concept is closely connected with that of the practice of acupuncture and other oriental healing arts.




Don't start any exercise or fitness program without carefully assessing your state of health and level of physical conditioning, and consulting with your personal physician when and where appropriate.
Every exercise program carries some type of risk.  On the other hand, not doing any exercise or fitness activities carries a far greater risk for your loosing your good physical and mental health, well being, vitality and happiness. 
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